Six benefits of open kitchen shelving

Surrey is known for its stylish properties, proximity to London and stunning countryside. No kitchen refurbishment Surrey would be complete if it did not incorporate the latest trend – open shelving.
Why open shelving?

Open shelving can eliminate or complement your kitchen cupboards, showcase your prized possessions, enable easier access to your everyday essentials and create a minimalist masterpiece.

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Why choose open kitchen shelving?

The six reasons why most homeowners are asking their chosen kitchen refurbishment company to incorporate this exciting feature into their kitchen renovation project are:

1. Spacious feeling

Nobody likes a cluttered kitchen and cabinets often become a dumping ground for unnecessary belongings. Replacing cabinets with open shelving opens up the space, necessitates a clear-out and improves the light and space in the room.

2. Easier cleaning

It is easier to clean a shelf than a cupboard, particularly if your decluttering has been effective and you have kept only essential items.

3. Display prized possessions

Open shelving allows you to personalise your space and display the mementoes that matter to you.

4. Cost-effective

Open shelving allows you to create a bespoke statement that looks expensive but is surprisingly affordable. This trend is incredibly cost-effective.

5. Optimised storage

Open shelving creates more storage space, frees room on the countertops and in cabinets and creates a more versatile workspace.

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6. Easy access

Open shelving makes it very easy to access frequently used items and eliminates the continual need to bend and stretch. This makes it not only an aesthetic improvement to a kitchen but also a physiological one.

In conclusion, the open shelving trend looks set to dominate kitchen refurbishments this year. If you are planning to have work done, perhaps this is a trend that you too should consider?

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