Architects who made chairs

If you are interested in architecture then, you will no doubt have heard of the legendary likes of Marcel Breuer, Charles and Ray Eames and Frank Lloyd Wright, as an example. What makes those architects particularly stand out is that they also designed furnishings for the home. Architects have, in fact, crafted a number of the most iconic chairs and furniture in history, visible in high priced homes and museums across the globe.

Charles and Ray Eames

This husband and wife produced their designs for the duration of the mid-twentieth century, with their most well-known piece of structure being the Eames Residence in California. They also dabbled in filmmaking, commercial design and photo design. They developed specific methods to construct furniture, made from plastic resin, wire mesh and fibreglass, as an example.

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Oscar Niemeyer

This famed Brazilian architect designed several public spaces in his home nation. He is considered one of the greatest, alongside the likes of Lloyd Wright. Niemeyer won the Lenin Peace Prize of 1963, in addition to the Royal Gold medal in 1998 by the Royal Institute of British architects. His iconic chair became the Alta chair, initially a collaboration among Niemeyer and his daughter. When you need Residential Architects Chelsea, consider

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Eero Saarinen

Hailing from Finland, Saarinen is well-known for his designs of public spaces. He is greatly lauded for his work in structure, being acknowledged for progressive designs and futuristic principles. His iconic chair layout became the Tulip armchair that he created in 1955. The chair represents the clean curves and features that run seamlessly together with his constructing design.

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