When you should call an electrician

It can be tempting when you need a bit of DIY work doing at home to take it on yourself. Now whilst a bit of painting and some small maintenance work can easily be handled by anyone with basic handy skills, there are circumstances where you may want to call in the professionals instead.

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When it comes to electrical work it is always best to get this completed by a professional. However, under UK regulations and law there is certain electrical work that should always be carried out by a qualified electrician. The legal requirement is for the owner or landlord to ensure that any electrical works carried out at the property are done so in a way to make sure they are safe and will not cause any harm to anyone at the property or visiting. As a result, there are a number of works that ideally should be completed by a qualified electrician and need to be signed off by them as having been completed correctly and safely. These include the following:

Installing any electrical radiators at the property

Installing electrical towel rails or radiators at the property when hardwiring into the electrical mains is required

Installing an additional sockets or light switches

Adding in any new electrical circuits

Installing outdoor lights that need to be run from the mains electricity

Home entry system installations

Communal hallway smoke alarms or any emergency lighting

Replacing fuse boards

There are many other jobs that should also be completed by a qualified electrician.

Simple jobs can be completed by yourself as long as you feel confident enough in doing so. For any work that you are not confident in completing yourself always refer back to an electrician. Some things such as installing a new electric meter box like this https://www.meterbox.co.uk/ is something that a professional should be assisting you with.

Here is a list of the kinds of things that you may wish to complete yourself

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Changing light bulbs and fuses

Changing a basic light fitment

Replacing a doorbell

Replacing socket covers

Repairing any loose wiring in plugs, switches and light fittings

Replacing light switches

Replacing an electric radiator as long as remaining in the same position

Replacing an electric towel rail as long as like for like and remaining in the same position

Replacing an extractor fan

Disconnect and connecting appliances

These are all fairly simple to complete and centre around the replacement of an item with a new one as long as a new electrical circuit is not required.

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