What to know about composite doors

If you’re looking for a modern door that offers durability and a good choice of styles and colours, then composite doors could be right for you. They also offer superior draught-proofing and insulation compared to other options, something which can be a major benefit when it comes to reducing energy costs. Could they be a good choice for you?

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What is a composite door?

Whether you’re looking at composite doors in Hereford or Edinburgh, they will be made from different materials, as the name suggests. To learn more about what composite materials actually are, you can read about them on the BBC website here.

‘Composite door’ is the name given to a specific type of front or back door. A typical front door classed as composite will usually have a skin made of GRP, or glass reinforced plastic. This allows for an array of designs and styles and helps make composite doors waterproof, as well as rigid and extremely tough.

The base of this type of door is normally metal, accompanied by a core made of polyurethane foam. They may have a single rebate or a double rebate, offering extra insulation.

Benefits of composite doors

Composite doors Hereford or elsewhere are a practical choice, offering good home security and superior weather resistance and longevity. Unlike wooden doors, they won’t warp, shrink or swell, meaning you won’t have issues with sticking or letting in draughts.

They have high levels of thermal efficiency, which is good for the planet and your energy bills, and they are likely to exceed the requirements of current building regulations.

Composite doors also offer many benefits in terms of aesthetic appeal. You can choose from a host of different finishes, styles and shades. You could even enjoy a timber look, without the need for regular repainting and maintenance which is often associated with wooden doors.

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Composite vs PVCu

Composite doors are typically more expensive than PVCu options, but this is due to the benefits and quality they offer. What you choose will be determined by your budget and how long you want your investment to last.

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