Disguising an Unsightly Boiler

Something that we all rely on to keep our homes warm and comfortable, and to provide us with warm water is a boiler. It is important to look after your boiler to keep it in good working order, especially for the cold months, and if you have concerns about it not working properly or making strange noises, you should get a professional like this boiler repair Cheltenham based company www.blu-fish.co.uk/gas-heating-services-cheltenham/boiler-repair-cheltenham/ in to look at it straight away.

As well as this, and despite the fact that they are essential, they are not the most pleasant thing to look at. If you would rather not have your boiler on display, there are many things that you can do to make it easier on the eye. As well as making your living space more pleasant, if you come to sell your home this could increase the value as it is more appealing for buyers too. Here are some ways to hide and disguise your boiler…

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Use a Cupboard – One of the most popular ways to hide a boiler is by keeping it in a cupboard! To do this, you just need to build a cupboard around your boiler. Usually this is in the kitchen or utility room, so get a cupboard to match the rest of your kitchen and there you go, it is nicely hidden away. If it is in another room, get a cupboard to match that room and the furniture and décor that you already have in there.

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If keeping it in a cupboard is not an option, or you are looking for more creative ways to disguise the boiler, some people like to paint it. If you are going to be doing this however, it is important to make sure that you choose the right paint for the material, and also ensure that the paint is heat resistant. You should also be careful not to paint over any parts that are needed for engineers to access the boiler or to take readings from it.

As well as the boiler, you might also want to hide the pipes connecting to it. The best way to do this is with specialised casing that is designed to sit around the pipes and conceal the pipes underneath it.

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