Tips for setting up a craft room

If you are an avid fan of crafts such as crochet, needlework, and painting, setting up your own designated crafting space might be the perfect way to allow you to focus, relax and allow those creative juices to flow freely without distraction.

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Craft rooms are becoming increasingly sought-after, as the popularity and importance of taking part in more mindful activities at home surges.


Find a suitable, sturdy work table, suitable for your needs.

Find good quality, open shelves, and consider these an investment.

Have plenty of available storage solutions and containers to hand, and label them in order to keep track of your supplies.

Having a window that lets natural light flow into the space allows you to take good-quality photos of your finished projects.

Section your space off into different zones for different stages of your crafting projects.

Utilise a pegboard and hooks. This allows you to store tools, showcase finished projects and keep all your ideas and inspiration in one handy space.

Purchase an office chair, or a chair with wheels, that allows you to move freely between workspaces and zones.


Crochet projects are a great way to spend time in your own designated craft space, whether the items are made to sell or simply for fun. Crochet kits are an ideal way to begin and are suitable for any level, from beginner to advanced.

With a ready-made crochet kit, you will be able to craft a range of projects, such as homeware accessories, toys, scarves, and blankets. Crochet kits come complete with everything you need to get started and include a pattern, instructions, and yarn. For more information, see the latest collection of crochet kits at online specialists.

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Craft spaces are a great way to utilise spare rooms or garages. However, if space is at a premium, a designated corner of an already-existing room can be cleverly converted into a crafting zone. Look for savvy storage solutions and ergonomic equipment to ensure you can be comfortable whilst being creative.

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