Spring Cleaning Checklist

Yes, Spring is here again, which inevitably means we start thinking about that list of spring cleaning chores. A good deep clean after the darkness of winter is a great way to reach those spots we normally overlook in our weekly house cleaning duties. Here are some jobs that you might not have thought about but should be included in your list of things to do:

Skirting Boards

These are often missed during a regular clean, so take a duster or clean brush and wipe away the dust build-up from your skirting boards. Then repeat the process with a damp cloth or some spray cleaner to brighten up those dull boards and instantly improve a room.

Blinds and Curtains

Hopefully this is the season where we’ll start to open up our windows a lot more, so it’s the perfect time to clean blinds, curtains and shades with a microfibre cloth. Curtains will need to be washed in the washing machine or perhaps even dry cleaned – best to check the care instructions first. Blinds can be cleaned with a damp cloth and detergent to remove any stains or marks. Maybe it’s time for a new look? Try Blinds Tewkesbury at a site like https://laskeys.com

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This is the ideal time to think about freshening up areas that don’t get much attention normally. Vacuum your mattress, wash any mattress covers, freshen up valance sheets and wipe down the headboard.


Empty the fridge and wipe down the shelves to rid them of dirt, dust or spill stains. Soak the shelves in warm, soapy water while wiping down the interior of the fridge. Stubborn stains can be removed by using some bicarbonate of soda.

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Spring is the time for throwing up those windows and letting the fresh air in, so if your windows are looking a bit grimy from winter, it’s time to give them a clean. Give them a good wash inside and out using a squeegee and microfibre cloth.

Washing machine

This is one appliance that is continually overlooked. Remove the dispenser drawers and give them a good wash. Place a cup of bleach inside the machine, leave for an hour and then run it on its longest, hottest setting. Remove the cup and run another hot cycle.

Garage doors

Most people don’t realise how much their garage door suffers from the elements. A fresh coat of paint, upgraded replacement or at least an oil of the moving parts should be in order to improve the appearance of your property, its security and to make the door operate more smoothly.

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