How to immediately save money on heating

  1. Aluminium foil should be placed at the rear of radiators

Radiators tend to radiate heat near the walls, rather than the rooms. This can make your walls feel nice and toasty while the room feels chilly. By placing foil behind your radiator, you can reflect the heat into the room. You can save money by making your heating system more efficient.

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  1. Programme your heating

Now you can control your heating when you’re not home. You can avoid overusing your heating by programming your boiler to start half an hour prior to your arrival home and half an hour before your wake-up time. You can save a large amount of money each year by doing this.

  1. Shuffle your furniture

Did you know your furniture can block heat circulation?

If you place your sofa in front of the radiator, it will absorb all the heat. You can increase the warmth in your home by moving furniture away from radiators.

  1. You can block draughts from your home

Even when your heating is turned on, draughts can make your home feel cold. A draught stopper will prevent any cold air from entering your home. To keep your home warm, you can purchase draught blockers to put under doors or add self-adhesive to cracks around windows.

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  1. Bleed radiators

Check your radiators to see how they are warming up. Feel them from top to bottom. Bleeding your radiator can fix this problem if the radiator is cool at the top and warm at the bottom. You will probably reach for your thermostat if you notice that your radiators do not work efficiently. Remember that higher temperatures will result in higher heating costs.

  1. Turn the dial downward

The World Health Organisation suggests that the minimum temperature for the living room be between 18C and 21C. You will see a reduction in your heating costs if you lower the temperature of your living room by one degree.

  1. Book your boiler service in advance

The boiler is at the core of your heating system. If you don’t use it enough in the summer, this can lead to problems in the winter which might need Boiler Repair Cheltenham. You can avoid a costly breakdown by booking boiler maintenance. For Boiler Repair Cheltenham, contact HPR.

  1. Green gadgets

Smart gadgets are available that can help manage our energy usage at home. These include a smart thermostat, smart power trips, and a timer for the shower. These gadgets will keep your energy costs low.

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