Bathroom renovation ideas

Bathroom renovation ideas without works

Are you thinking about bathroom renovation ideas but you want to avoid going into construction and not just decided? Good news! It is possible to carry out reforms of bathrooms without works. And opt for simple solutions to give a renewed and current air.

The kitchen and the bathroom are two of the most important rooms in the house since the decorative investment in both spaces has a future value. One of the reasons why some families have to postpone the time to update this stay in the house is the budget factor. And it is that, a complete renovation of this area of ​​the property has a high cost. However, it is possible to give a new aesthetic to the bathroom through simpler changes and at a more affordable price for your pocket. How to achieve this goal?

Change the bathroom taps

Bathroom renovation ideas 2019

This sector is constantly advancing with new proposals and trends. A gesture as simple as changing this design brings a more current image to the place. Products that constitute a main element of the bathroom thanks to a result that harmonizes with the general style of the stay. But, in addition, they are practical and functional elements.

For example, one of the fashions of the moment is the use of thermostatic grigos with two controls, each with a function: one to control the amount of water and another to regulate the temperature.

Change of handles and furniture handles

Another simple idea with which you can renew the aesthetics of the furniture of this room without making a complete transformation is to choose a new handle design with some aesthetic detail that makes this element a protagonist.

Decorative vinyl for the bathroom

The trend of vinyl is increasingly present in the home because it offers an original result through an adhesive format so easy to apply. This vinyl can make a difference when placed on the tiles, in the door or in the screen. A good idea to add color notes to this room of the house. In addition, you can find quality proposals thanks to designs made of a resistant material that guarantees an optimal durability.

 These adhesive tiles for laying on flat surfaces are resistant to heat and water. Therefore, they adapt to the humidity conditions of the bathroom. You can find this and many other proposals in this online point of sale.

Change the textiles of the bathroom

You can take advantage of the sale periods or the liquidations of the home products stores to buy new towels and bathrobes with an attractive design whose aesthetics bring color . Not only is it possible to enhance the beauty of a room through furniture, but also through those accessories that, far from having a secondary role, are vital. The carpets and the bathroom curtains are also part of the home textile catalog.

Change the bathroom mirror

The mirror is one of the main elements of this place that, in addition to having a decorative function, also has a practical vision. The mirror is a main element to enhance light. Through a change, you can establish a game of proportions by choosing a design that harmonizes or that contrasts with the dimensions of the context.

Plants in the bathroom

The ornamental decoration is also revitalized by the aesthetic value of plants that provide a pleasant feeling of well-being. The plants can also decorate this place in the house, however, in that case you always have to request information from the florist about which are the proposals that best fit this indoor environment to ensure long-term care and maintenance.

The key to success to bathroom renovation ideas without works

We know that there is a room in the house that suffers more with the passage of time, but we are also aware of the laziness that comes from getting involved in renovations. Therefore, today we bring you a few bathroom renovation ideas without works. Attentive, we are going to give a very interesting face wash!

Color change

First things first: the simplest trick to give a new look to any room is to change the color of the walls. It is important that you use water-resistant paints, so they do not spoil over time. Do not know what color to choose? If you have a small room, here we advise you a little better. But if this is not the case, the limit is set by your imagination!


Do you want to change the floor, but you are terrified to lift it, change the tiles and everything that implies? Our recommendation is that you use coatings, laminates, or similar. They imitate wood or ceramics and are placed directly on the ground you already have.

In the previous post we talked about the importance of order at home. You can take advantage of these ideas to redistribute, but also to redecorate. Changing the underlay, for example, can provide you with more storage space.

From there, add all the decoration elements you want! Candles, carpets -both dark-, plants, shower curtains … Whatever you want!

Other practical ideas

We finish our entry today with some practical advice, because if your toilets are aged, change the lid and put it in line with the rest of the decoration. Faucets, shower sleeves, etc., are also susceptible to change. It will not take your time and you will make your bathroom look new and best bathroom renovation ideas.

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