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Details to take into account when changing the bathroom ideas

If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom ideas, with changing tiles, toilets and furniture, you should bear in mind that decisions should be made by you. And not burden the professional with doubts or get angry when you have not read your thoughts.


the bathroom ideas

On many occasions, if you have not left the structured project, the team in charge of the work can choose free will. And the result may not be what you expected. There are fundamental details that should be clear.

In the bathroom ideas we need a lot of light. Natural and artificial. In the case that your small window can not be extended look.  For some trick to multiply the light, like putting huge mirrors.


It is true that many furniture and sanitary design are beautiful. But do not fit the size of our spaces. Be practical, do you make the most of the space available for you to store our entire collection of personal hygiene products?

Adequate ventilation

when changing the bathroom ideas

A bathroom should be very well ventilated. If the window is small, in the market there are other ventilation systems that are perfect so that being in that bathroom is not a trauma.

Does the door close correctly?

In small spaces it is fundamental where the door opens. If it opens inwards and collides with the sink and does not allow you to enter comfortably. It is best to change the direction you can put a sliding door or similar.

Tiles in the right direction

the bathroom ideas

It is important to be ahead when the first tiles are placed, which for you is obvious. For others it may not be and re-tiling all the bathroom ideas. Once finished is expensive and a task, to say nothing stronger or resign to leave them as you did not want until the next change.


discover bathroom ideas

When facing a remodeling of the bathroom, there are many details to take into account in this type of project, and these can make planning difficult. In our effort to help you and simplify such planning, we give you these five tips to remodel the bathroom without complications.


Once you have the ideas, dimensions and other details in hand, it’s time to make a complete remodeling plan. Start by making a list of the items you would like to include: from new towel racks, to painting, lighting and other accessories. It is also important to make a list of suppliers, prices. And even contractors that you would like to contact to execute your project.

Another excellent way to plan your project is to make a plan of your bathroom ideas, it does not need to be a very complex technical drawing. Simply take a paper to draw the general outline of the space. And then draw the elements as you want to see them once the project is complete. This will help you make sure that the bathroom will stay exactly as you imagine it. Just make sure that when you take the measurements. Do not forget to include some features such as dividing walls and other details, which are often overlooked and can alter these measures.


Following the advice to remodel the bathroom ideas, today there are many ways to find inspiration for a bathroom reform. Of course, the Internet is an excellent resource, full of remodeling blogs, image galleries, contractor data and more. All of which are excellent ways to get ideas and observe different elements such as color schemes, lighting configurations and more.

However, beyond online photo galleries, you have other resources within your reach that you can take advantage of. Whenever possible, be sure to visit the exhibits that are available to you at specialized centers. In Hydraulics, for example, you can visit our exhibitions in the different stores, where a wide selection of products and accessories is shown. This is a great option to get inspiration. More importantly, you can take a look at the accessories you are considering incorporating into your project. And this will also help you decide which pieces best suit your needs and personal tastes.


When we face a remodeling of the bathroom, we must take into account the use of this.  And above all we must think long term, since this type of reforms are designed for large periods of time. The options available will depend on who the bathroom is for as well as your budget. Although we will give you some ideas to inspire you, no matter how much you plan to spend on the bath or shower change.

If you want not to spend a lot of money, consider replacing the essentials: the tap, the shower head and some other accessory. Sometimes, replacing just a few items is all it takes to give your shower or bathtub a fresher look.

Among the projects that have an average budget, changing a shower or bathtub screen is an excellent way to update the appearance of your bathroom. If we are already talking about changing a bathtub. Or a shower, in that case the budget will be higher. And that is where you have to refine the calculation. You will have to take into account some factors, such as possible reconfiguration of the bathroom ideas to accommodate a bathtub. Or shower that has a new size or shape so that the result is a modern and functional bathroom ideas.

best bathroom ideas


Planning can be complicated, especially if you are thinking about moving the main elements of their original places. When designing your new bathroom on paper. It is essential that you know what some of the most common standard bathroom dimensions are.


Lighting, for example, is something that is generally overlooked. Many times the existing lighting elements are simply replaced by new accessories. Instead of thinking about how the bathroom lighting could be moved to increase the functionality of the room or the sense of spaciousness . Other details to consider may be:

  • Light switches and their placement.
  • Putties and other sealers, take into account both the colors and the finishes.
  • The drawers of the drawers, the lighting elements, the towel rails and the taps. So that the colors and finishes match.

 As you can see, there are many details to consider before getting involved in the project. We hope that these tips to remodel the bathroom will be of great help and if you have questions, visit our stores to consult us. Remember that we are here to advise you.

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