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Ideas for decorating baby rooms

We love talking about decorating baby rooms. The arrival of a new member of the family provokes many sensations, such as happiness, emotion and, above all, anxiety. One of the ways to channel all these sensations is through the decoration of your bedroom. It is common to see parents planning and decorating the baby’s bedroom for months. In this article we want to give you some ideas to decorate baby rooms, and we hope that they come to you well.

There are several important points to keep in mind. Starting with the baby furniture, especially the crib, following with the walls, with a resource that we love like wallpaper , curtains, lighting and, last but not least, the storage space, so important in any bedroom, and of course baby bedrooms are no exception.

Furniture for baby rooms

baby rooms

There is no doubt that the most important piece of furniture in any baby room is the crib. It is important to focus on the cradle because in it you will sleep the first years of your life. In the market there is a lot of variety, for all tastes and pockets. We love those cribs that “grow” with the child. That is, they are cradles that, when the baby is growing, you can remove your railings and continue using them as a bed until the child does not fit in it and, if so, change it for a proper bed.

We know that the arrival of a baby involves many expenses. For this reason, we recommend accepting the help of family or friends when they offer to lend us the crib that their child used as a baby. Yes, it is true that we would like our son to have everything new and impeccable, but it is enough that the crib is safe and in good condition. It is better to reserve the money for other details that will make the baby’s bedroom a special place. Do you want more ideas to decorate baby rooms? Keep reading!

Following with the furniture, we should not forget those that provide us with storage space. Is that in any baby bedroom we will have a lot to store. The small ones require several changes of clothes a day and the ideal thing is to have enough storage space.

The importance of the walls in baby rooms

The walls of baby rooms are more important than you think. Through them we can create atmosphere. And in this there is a star product that will solve our lives, of which we have spoken on more than one occasion, and we are talking about children’s wallpaper. The walls are everything. It does not matter if it is a large or small room, with the wallpaper we will achieve the desired effect. From children’s motives such as animals, cars, planes, hearts, stars, even floral patterns or stripes. There is everything for everyone.

One of the main advantages of wallpapers is the cost-benefit ratio, since it ends up being an economic resource with which we can give a new look to the children’s room.

More ideas for decorating baby rooms: children’s lighting

Lighting is another very important point to keep in mind in baby bedrooms. And with regard to this we must say that in the market there are plenty of alternatives available in terms of child lighting. What we can recommend is that we have at least one general light source, which could be a pendant lamp, for example, and one or two secondary light points.

A good idea is the lights to sleep. We love the projectors that turn on at night, and fill the baby’s room with little stars, moons or whatever.

Painting and / or wallpaper

In decoration of children’s rooms there is nothing written: Years ago the style was very preconceived and limited to certain colors and motifs (pink for girls, pearl gray or mink for children). However today there is much more freedom, giving way to more contemporary and free lines both in color range and in the small decorative details.

The most recommendable thing in wall cladding in principle is to choose a  light and soft environment  that avoids the visual fatigue of the baby and  favors its rest . However, we must not discard the color or even dare to give prominence to it, since the visual perception of newborns takes time to fully develop.

A very usual option is to paint the room in a single color or use at most two nuances of the same tone and focus attention on a concrete wall with nice wallpaper. Polka dots or stars in soft tones are usually the most requested.

It is best to place the paper on a wall where we are not going to place too much furniture so as not to saturate the environment, placing at most some small support shelves with a couple of decorative details, limiting the rest of the furniture and accessories to the monochromatic walls.


Once the room is painted or papered, we go into matter with the baby furniture. And is that to equip the room of the small there are a number of basics that we should not forget. We go with them!

The cradle

The cradle is the most clearly defining element of a baby room. For the first month of life we can opt for cradles that can be attached to the bed to better control the baby, both to facilitate breastfeeding for the mother and to have her under special supervision due to post-partum health difficulties.

Once the first month has passed, we can opt for a traditional crib, which is not conventional, because at present there are many options at the parents’ choice, such as convertible or adjustable cribs that adapt to age and size.

The comfortable changing table

The changer is essential to avoid collapse when changing your baby’s diaper. And it is that something that seems a simple task, at the moment of truth needs a lot of ascendancy, such as wipes, lotions, talcum, diapers or clean clothes to have always at hand.

Therefore it is convenient that you choose a comfortable and practical where you can store the different products and organize them by separators.

The nursing chair

Whether you breastfeed or bet on the bottle, in every baby room you cannot miss the nursing chair, a key piece so that the mother or father can sit and feed their little one comfortably.

A recurring task when shots alternate every 2-3 hours, especially at night, avoid sleeplessness both baby and parents, not being necessary to leave the room itself and its comfortable climate. In this sense, the chair should be large and comfortable enough to hold the baby without the chair arms bother us, which is not incompatible with a nice aesthetic.

Finally, when one finds oneself in the middle of a pregnancy, future dads often come up with a multitude of doubts that until now had not been raised. Although the most recurrent is probably the name of the future offspring, one of the most time consuming is to prepare and decorate the baby’s room.

And, unless parents prefer that in their first months sleep with them in the master bedroom, the baby’s room will be the place where he will spend his first nights and wake up to live his new life. It will be the place to change the diaper and where to cradle him until he falls asleep, so that having everything ready for his arrival suddenly becomes a task against the clock to deal with.

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