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Drain Lining, also known as perforations, is the act of overlapping solid or semi-solid materials in order to facilitate easy drainage. It is a process that can take many forms, and there are many ways to install it – depending on the type of drainage the piping is to serve. Drainage systems in the home include sewer lines, natural earthenware pipes, and private septic tanks. Drainage systems in commercial establishments include drainage pipes used in aqueducts.Drain Lining from Wilkinson Environmental is also recommended.

With the aid of a tool, the position of the pipe can be identified so that the drain can be lined up correctly. For more complicated projects, like in the case of old earthenware pipes, drain lining techniques include injecting the material into the line. When the injection is complete, the piping is flush with the surface of the underlying material and the perforation, causing the leak is closed.

In some cases, an entirely new pipe within the drain lining may be required. This is especially the case when a pipe has been damaged either beyond repair or because of excessive corrosion. In this case, a new pipe within the drain liner may be needed to bring the pipe to an even top, thereby eliminating the buildup of pressure in the pipe. New pipe liners can also be installed within the old pipe if this is possible to do without drilling. This procedure, though, should be performed by professionals. Other less invasive procedures such as welding may also be employed in cases where the repair of a damaged pipe within the drain lining presents no problem.


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