A new way to make the home efficient.

Ensuring that our homes are more energy efficient is an extremely important way of combating climate change and reducing carbon emissions.  Over the past 50 years or so there has been huge strides in making a home better insulated.  Some examples of this are cavity wall insulation and the use of double glazing.  There have even been some bold attempts to incorporate solar panels  onto the roofs of many British homes to try and take advantage of the increased sunlight.  Government subsidies for this has now ended so there is a decrease in the amount of people taking up the option but those that have have found that they are actually putting energy back into the National Grid as opposed to using it.

Not all of us can make these major changes to our property; there are other little small things that can be done to improve the situation.  For example one of these is the use of downlight covers.  These covers hold and trap energy and heat generated by an LED pot light.  These are usually found in the kitchen area.  Although LEDs are an excellent form of light usage as they generate a great amount of light but do not use a huge amount of energy. They still give off this heat. This can be channelled back into the house and used to warm the place.

While this may not seem like it is the biggest advantage it is just one little thing that can be done to try and ensure that the house is warm and the heat is retained inside it as opposed to leaking out through draughts.

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