5 Common Excuses For Not Reading Books

I Don’t Have the Time

Think you just don’t have the time to pick up a classic? Take a book with you everywhere and instead of picking up your cell phone, open the book—or e-reader. You can read while standing in line, in waiting rooms, or during a train commute. If longer works seem overwhelming, start with short stories or poetry. It’s all about feeding your mind—even if it’s only one bit at a time. As researched by australian online casinos real money.

Books Are Expensive

While it may be true that owning books was once considered a luxury, these days there are numerous sources for inexpensive literature. The Internet has opened a whole new arena for readers. Literature, both old and new, is available on your handheld device for free or at deeply discounted prices. Of course, the most time-honoured method for getting access to books of pretty much every description at little or no cost is your local public library. You can pick and choose without having to purchase. You can borrow the books and read them at home or read them on the premises, and with the exception of late fees or damages, it’s usually free.

I Don’t Know What to Read

The best way to learn what to read is by reading everything you can get your hands on. You’ll gradually learn which genres you enjoy reading, and you’ll begin to make connections between books, as well as understand how books can connect to your own life. If you don’t know where to start, or you find yourself stuck for ideas along the way, find someone who enjoys reading books and ask for recommendations. Likewise, librarians, booksellers, and teachers can help point you in the right direction.

Reading Keeps Me Awake at Night

People who love to read often find themselves so engrossed in a book that they stay up practically all night reading. While it’s not the worst thing in the world, nor is falling asleep while reading, it can make for a groggy morning—and some pretty strange dreams. Try to schedule reading for other times besides bedtime. Read at lunch, or for an hour when you wake up. Or, if you are going to be reading all night, make sure you limit it to those evenings when you’re going to be off work the next day. Want to know more about books, lifestyle and online games,  https://www.choiceonlinecasino.com/online-slots/

Can’t I Just Watch the Movie?

People just want a simple, easy way to enjoy something. Yes, a movie is quicker and more engaging. Not to mention it includes a gaggle of talented professionals contributing acting, music, stage design, etc. You don’t get that in a book. But book fans will often tell you, ‘the book was better’. Just because a book gets adapted to film or TV does not mean it tells the same story. (The Hobbit, for example.) Even putting film adaption aside, there is still a beauty in reading that you don’t see on the screen. In a book, all those extra roles are done by one author and your imagination. There is more freedom to make the story your own.

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