3 Reasons you should use a professional to unblock your drain

Each house has it: one sink that just clogs up all the time. You plunge once every few months or even weeks but remains a problem. Looks like you get running water and yet the day after, it clogs again. Perhaps you’ve even stopped trying to sort the issue anymore? Maybe you have concluded that there is nothing you can do about it.

Do not give up just yet! Problems occur in waterways for all sorts of reasons, but there is always something you can do. Usually, it is even less involved than you might assume. If your plunging could not fix the problem, a drain unblocking professional is the next step. Here are three reasons why you should call the experts the next time your drain is giving you trouble:

Preventing Future Clogs

Have you ever considered why the problem continues to clog your drain? In all likelihood, it is because there is something in your pipeline that you cannot remove with a plunger. Water flow is constricted by this material and may be causing other clogs you have to deal with. You capture materials such as oil, hair or soap scum each time you use the sink or tub. Then, it seems only a matter of time before another clog forms. When you plunge, you remove things that are caught by the original gunk, but not the old stuff.

When gunk accumulates on the inside wall of the pipe, it can be really difficult to remove. If it hardens enough, no amount of plunging will shift it. Professionals have a tool that goes directly into channels, to safely and effectively eliminate the buildup of residue on the pipe walls. By finding and removing built-up gunk in your plumbing, a professional can help prevent future clogs before they occur. For Blocked Drains Kent, visit a site like Medway, a Blocked Drains Kent company.

Safer than DIY

Usually, when people cannot plunge the drain successfully, the next thing they try is a chemical drain cleaner. These things often do the trick, but it’s rarely worth the cost. Chemical drain cleaners work by forming acid in your pipe that eats away at the blockage. The problem is it does not stop there. Acid does not distinguish between the clog and the pipe, itself.

Using a chemical drain cleaner can solve your problems, but it can also permanently undermine your pipe. Over time, the damage caused by drain cleaner may cause other clogs, leaks, or even rupture. The more chemical drain cleaner you use, the lower the life expectancy of your plumbing. Professionals, on the other hand, do not use acid to clean pipes. Their method is more secure, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. They can remove without hurting your pipes.

Find Potential Problems

When you go to the dentist for a check-up, you not only get your teeth cleaned. The check-up is also an opportunity for dentists to examine the state of the overall health of your teeth. They are looking for potential problems, and let you know how you can keep them from getting worse. Think of a professional drain cleaning as a kind of check-up for your pipe. When a professional cleans your channel, they not only clean clogs. They will also be able to locate and identify any potential plumbing issues in the channel.

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