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Industrial chairs for decoration

Industrial chairs-While many say that the industrial style is nothing to go out of fashion, we believe that the tests do not say the same. Many are the decoration houses that still offer products and furniture that fit perfectly in these environments. In addition, we can say that it is a timeless decoration. Yes, we know, maybe this year will bet more for other styles, but industrial style furniture is always there, such as industrial chairs.

Specifically today we want to talk about some chair models that can look great in an industrial environment. Designs there are many, some of them, really iconic.

Industrial leather chairs

best Industrial chairs

Wood and metal are always present in industrial environments, but also leather in particular. Yes, you may not want too many models that are made with leather or real leather, but luckily in the market we found, many years ago, more and more synthetic leather chairs.

Be that as it may, leather chair models are a very interesting element to introduce into industrial spaces. They give warmth, at the same time they create an urban environment, with a certain masculine touch.

In this case of leather chairs, Masons du Monde knows a lot. It has some wonders in its catalog such as the leather chair and black metal, Clapper or the Austerlitz leather and black metal industrial chair.

DSW chair

Yes, we already know that this chair has been an icon in Nordic decoration. However, the DSW chair can also fit for decoration of an industrial style dining kitchen

Recall that it is a chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1950 for the MOMA in New York, being the first plastic chair of industrial manufacture. The good thing is that many shops sell industrial chairs inspired by this model, choosing them in black, to give a more urban touch to those industrial environments. A good example is the Wooden chair.

Eames chair

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We love the industrial style. We see it constantly in decoration magazines and blogs. It has something that hooks, and the truth is that there are more and more fans of this decorative style. If you have ever thought about moving any of these environments to your own home, today’s article will come in handy. Below we will show you the keys of the industrial style.

Keys of the industrial chairs style

top Industrial chairs

Yes, we will give you some tips to get an industrial decoration in your home. Perhaps the industrial style kitchens are the most seen, but the truth is that we can do it for any room in the house. Enjoy and take note.

Diaphanous spaces, naked architecture

Yes, let’s not forget that the industrial decoration is inspired directly by the old factories. That is why, generally, in the industrial style houses we usually see open spaces and completely diaphanous. But in addition they are spaces in which the structures are not hidden. What does this mean? Pipes in sight, beams and columns, for example. All these elements are welcome, indeed, they are even necessary to create a 100% industrial style environment.

Industrial style furniture

Industrial chairs for decoration

If there is a resource that will play in our favor to get an industrial style house, it is furniture. Yes, an industrial style table in the dining room, for example, would do most of the work. Even more if we accompany it with other industrial style furniture such as industrial chairs, stools, storage furniture, auxiliary tables, etc … The greats of the decoration sector, are still betting on industrial style furniture. This Swedish firm that we love so much. You can see our favorites, among which you will find some pieces of industrial style with the particular charm that the brand prints on its furniture.

Furniture for an industrial style house

the Industrial chairs

Something to keep in mind regarding the choice of furniture for an industrial style home is that vintage furniture is very good for this style too. What’s more, vintage industrial decoration is a trend and we see it in many magazine houses.

Windows without curtains in industrial style houses

Although we are accustomed to curtains, the truth is that industrial environments are notable for having powerful sources of natural light, that is, windows, which are not covered by any type of fabric. In addition, the iron windows, whether black or gray, are long worn . They are a good resource to give a different touch to our room.

Brick in view in industrial decoration

discover Industrial chairs

In the industrial style there are many materials that can help us to achieve this sought-after aesthetic. We have commented that iron is a good option, but also bricks. Remember the old factories, with those characteristic red bricks. Have one or more brick walls in sight will help us achieve that effect we seek.

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