How to renew your bedroom

Bedroom decoration: How to renew your bedroom

Are you thinking that it is time to change the decoration of your bedroom? Well, the key is in the detail. Indeed, it is not necessary to make big changes to give a new touch to your bedroom: bedding, lighting, storage. It’s all about having a little ingenuity and idea. In this article, we will discuss how to renew your bedroom.

10 Infallible ideas to renew your bedroom are given below;

  1. How to renew your bedroom: The bedding
  2. how to renew your bedroom: Storage and order
  3. how to renew your bedroom: Lighting is also important
  4. how to renew your bedroom: Customize the walls
  5. how to renew your bedroom: Of course, the windows
  6. how to renew your bedroom: Softens the bedroom atmosphere
  7. how to renew your bedroom: A little corner for reading
  8. how to renew your bedroom: Betting on the headboards
  9. how to renew your bedroom: The color
  10. how to renew your bedroom: A feminine air

How to renew your bedroom- 1: The bedding

Surely, take advantage of your bedding for years and the colors, prints, and fabrics are already from previous seasons. Just as we renovate our wardrobe, the bedding also needs a turn from time to time and renovate it.

You just have to know how to combine the right tones so that in your room between breaths of fresh air that makes it renew and reinvent it. Even adding elements such as a new headboard that is original and accompanies the decoration of the rest of the room, the result can be perfect. Think of all the possibilities. The bedding

How to renew your bedroom- 2: Storage and order

Other tips that you can use to redecorate your room in order. That’s right, it’s proven that the organizational elements create new spaces and give another sense to a room. In the case of the bedrooms, the organization of closets for clothes and accessories would be essential. Baskets of different sizes, decorative hangers, screens, drawers; you have endless possibilities.Storage and order

How to renew your bedroom- 3: Lighting is also important

Good lighting will make your bedroom a more pleasant and cozy place and will be able that once you cross the door all the stress will disappear by magic. The secret lies in having several sources of soft light scattered throughout the room: ceiling, colors, candles. These small changes will take a big turn in the atmosphere to achieve just that, reinvent your bedroom and at the same time, make it a relaxing place.Lighting is also important

How to renew your bedroom- 4: Customize the walls

The bedroom is a completely personal space so you have absolutely all the right to decorate it as you like and comfortable you feel. Customizing the space will be key to feeling totally in line with space.

In addition to adding the accessories that best define you, the walls become an easy target to completely change the look of your bedroom. The placement of paintings, mirrors and all kinds of elements that you think fit your needs can be a great choice when changing the decoration of a room. For example, the asymmetrical placement of paintings and photographs is one of the latest trends that triumphs in the world of decoration as well as vinyl or why not? Put a poster of a movie that changed your life, family photos. Turn your bedroom into a unique place.

How to renew your bedroom- 5: Of course, the windows

When we think about redecorating a room, normally the last thing that comes to mind is the windows. These can help us completely change the decoration of a room and there are many options at your disposal to vary the decoration.Of course, the windows

How to renew your bedroom- 6: Softens the bedroom atmosphere

Do you think your room could be more welcoming? Yes, you’re right! And in addition, it is the simplest because it is enough just to place a rug, put cushions on the bed without restraint, and choose a fabric with soft colors.

How to renew your bedroom- 7: A little corner for reading

It is undeniable! Books always bring warmth to a room, so why not give them space (big or small, you decide) in your bedroom? An unoccupied corner or a free wall, for example, the one under the window. A mini-library will completely change the space of the room and make it more attractive.

You can put your favorite reading books to hand and hide those you do not like that people know you read why not? A little corner for reading

How to renew your bedroom- 8: Betting on the headboards

The headboard is a decorative detail that brings a lot of energy to the room. With them, the bed will become the protagonist of the room, will gain elegance and the moments of relaxation and more laziness will be even more delicious. There are some that in addition to decorative are functional as they can carry extra storage to have more space in the room.Betting on the headboards

How to renew your bedroom- 9: The color

If you do not mind putting yourself really “hands in the dough” you can completely transform your bedroom by painting the walls. But beware! It is very important to choose the color well. Blue and purple are intended for rest, green is for energy and neutral shades such as beige, white or gray will bring more light to the room.

We recommend that you avoid colors that are too bright, such as red or yellow, as they could disturb the peace of your bedroom. But you also have the possibility to paint just one of the walls of the room or opt for the wallpaper that is now so fashionable.The color

How to renew your bedroom- 10: A feminine air

But if you want to have your own corner of beauty within your haven of peace, you have the toilet. You do not have to invade the area of your partner if you share a room because a corner will be enough to place the table with the mirror.

Mirror and drawers are the key elements to get your dresser. If on the other hand, you do not have any space for it, do not worry, you just have to be a bit imaginative as well as decisive. The solution can be to place a small shelf, like a desk or dresser, and above put a mirror, at the height of your face. A feminine air

We hope you will like this tips to renew your bedroom. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a nice day!

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