turn my garage into a game room

How to turn my garage into a game room for adults and children

Today we will see how to turn my garage into a game room with some garage game room ideas. Here you can get some cool ideas for converting a garage into a game room, first for adults and then for children. If you want it to be mixed, both for adults and children, you can combine both according to your tastes and needs. It’s a simple task because it’s a very free kind of decoration. So you’re going to do that right.

The garage or the basement is a space that is often free and offers us a great opportunity to transform it into a game or leisure room. Let’s turn your garage into a cool space to hang out and disconnect from the world.

Turn my garage into a game room for Adult

Transforming a garage into a game room for adults can be very fun, imagine there having a good time is priceless.

You can be inspired by the style of American industrial decoration with brick walls, concrete floors, and old furniture. This is a great advantage because it allows you to leave the garage or basement without reforming it, just clean it and good to go.

There are many people who want to recycle antique furniture or you can also buy them in stores.

turn my garage into a game room

What cannot be missing?

There are several things that cannot be missed when you convert the garage into a game room. Surely many have already come to mind because although they seem typical, they are essential.

  • A bar counter or area where there are food and drinks
  • Sofas, armchairs or benches to sit and relax
  • A pool table, table football or poker

It is clear that it depends totally on my tastes when it comes to turn my garage into a game room. I can put the tables of game that I want.

The bar or area where there are food and drink is essential to avoid having to go to the kitchen. If I cannot afford a bar, I can put a high table with a fridge and some stools.

The sofas or armchairs, if also accompanied by a home cinema will be perfect to relax and watch a movie.

Pool tables, foosball or poker can be replaced by some type of game that you like.

Turn my garage into a game room for children

With children you have to find different solutions, the rooms have to accommodate them. Here a greater transformation is needed, more adequate so that there is no harm, and so that they feel comfortable.

turn my garage into a game room

What cannot be missing?

When it refers to children, we focus more on their safety and well-being, not so much on objects. The room has to be safe, with a good temperature and clean.

  • Wood or wooden floors
  • Hypoallergenic carpets
  • His toys

Leaving the concrete floor is not a good idea, it releases a lot of dust and children will be on the floor all the time. The wood or platform is cleaner, warmer and better cushions the blows. We know that the kids more than a bump are going to take.

Garages or basements are usually cold places. So in winter a carpet that does not require allergies. The smaller they are the more necessary it is.

Of course, you cannot miss the toys, it would not be a children’s playroom if you did not have them. The good thing is that being a large space can have everything, such as teepees for children, slides, kitchens.

From here you can get your own ideas to convert the garage into a game room or leisure where to hang out to disconnect or share it with your friends and family for fun.

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Ending message:

Those were the ideas that I thought will be best to turn my garage into a game room. If you have any other ideas that fit in here, please feel free to leave us a message in the comment section.

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