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Tips for choosing coffee table accessories to decorate coffee table

It is not just a table; it is much more than that. It is the presentation letter of your living room, a mirror in which your tastes and your personality are reflected. That is why it is important to choosing coffee table accessories with which you will decorate coffee table. Here are some very useful tips so you can do it successfully.

Choosing the things and accessories that decorate your coffee table is not an unimportant matter. Quite the contrary, the way you do it will tell you a lot about you and your tastes. We tell you some considerations to keep in mind to give your coffee table a lot of styles.

decorate coffee table

With what things can you decorate coffee table?

It all depends on your tastes, of course. But there are endless interesting alternatives to get a coffee table of the most stylish. From books to vases, to curious objects, decorative figures, candles, etc.

Play with the sizes and heights of things, mix textures when choosing coffee table accessories and give dynamism to the composition. And try that the combination of colors does not distort the harmony of the whole.

decorate coffee table

In search of balance

Not too crowded, not too empty. Not all very large, nor very small. Once again, balance is the key to achieving success in this matter. And in decoration, and although we like the contrasts, harmonious and balanced environments set the tone for good taste.

Better to choosing coffee table accessories of different sizes to decorate coffee table and group them so that the resulting composition has a sense, a harmony. If you decide on objects that are too bulky, even if your coffee table is large, the result will be very heavy. And if you fill it with many small things, it will convey a sense of disorder. Remember: in balance is the secret to hit.

And as for the height of the objects, it better combines high and low things to create pockets of visual interest.

decorate coffee table

Bet on the odd numbers

Groups of three elements (or five) are more interesting than compositions based on an even number (such as two or four). In this case, it is a good idea to run away from couples and choose the odd numbers to decorate coffee table.

This is not always the case since in other occasions choosing couples and betting on symmetry is a highly recommended option. However, when it comes to adding style to the table in front of the sofa, it is convenient to play the sets of odd elements.

If the table is rectangular, you can divide it visually into three parts and place three groups of decorative objects.

decorate coffee table

Get very special objects when choosing coffee table accessories

Travel memories, things that belonged to our grandparents, amazing objects, etc. Any of these things can look great on our coffee table.

And not only will it be decorative, but it will attract the attention of those who visit us. And if those curious objects have a story behind them, they can be the key to start interesting conversations, do not you think? It is what happens if you put some antiquarian object or something from the past.

decorate coffee table

The fresh touch: flowers in vases

Fresh flowers, or even green bouquets, are a nice and interesting option to decorate coffee table and also the plants. Decorating our house with plants is a great way to put a fresh and green touch in any environment.

If you decide to put a vase of flowers, try to make it look complete. Choose narrow-mouth vases to achieve this effect. And do not let them wither too much. Artificial flowers are an alternative to get them always look perfect. There are some very realistic and really beautiful.

decorate coffee table

Boxes and trays for a sense of order

Putting on the table a nice tray that contains other things is a good idea to delimit the space and keep it in order. Inside you can put candles, small pots with plants, a book, and other objects that decorate.

In addition, this solution is practical to clear the table at a time when you need to use it.

On the other hand, boxes can keep things smaller and keep them safe from everyone’s sight. They put a mysterious and attractive note, and there is a very long repertoire of materials and models to choose from: wood, metal, glass, ceramic, bone, inlaid, etc. Personally, choosing coffee table accessories like that to decorate coffee table seems like a great idea.


As you can see, you should not choose in a hurry what you put on your coffee table. Take some time to think about the things you like to show and how to arrange them. Do not insist on doing it fast. Better to try different ways until you have the most appropriate composition. The result will convince you for sure.

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