10 Easy Front-of-House Landscaping Ideas

Aside from location, curb appeal is one of the greatest contributors to your home’s value. And what makes or breaks your curb appeal? Your front yard landscaping.  Here are 10 simple front yard landscaping ideas, gathered by online pokies real money, which can add serious curb appeal.

  1. Add rock features

Even if you use a different material for a garden bed border, adding rocks or stones break up the profile for an understated natural accent. In many cases, front yard landscaping ideas with rocks can serve an important function, too, like making a rock spillway for your rain gutters that will keep an area from getting too muddy. Other ideas include breaking up a bed or adding pea gravel borders to your walkways. This project will only run around $20–$50, depending on how much surface area you’re covering.

  1. Add lighting

Landscaping lights are inexpensive (as cheap as $20), and most often solar-powered. This means you can simply choose the color lights that you like, stick them in the ground along your walkway or bordering a flowerbed, and let them power themselves to light up your front yard in the night. You can also upgrade to standout features like lanterns, lighting that recesses into a walkway, or even faux rocks with integrated lights that seamlessly blend into the landscaping.

  1. Upgrade a bed border

By simply upgrading or refreshing the border on your flowerbeds, it will change the whole look of the plants and features already there. Pavers, pre-made blocks, and natural stone retained with a $30 plastic lawn edge kit are all good candidates, depending on your home’s style.

  1. Plant ground cover to hide unsightly areas

Not all yards are flat, and grass won’t grow in all places. You can use a ground cover, like Pachysandra, to add greenery and color to areas where shade or slopes make it difficult for grass to grow. With seasonal maintenance, ground cover can look neat and professional without overtaking the parts of your yard where grass and other features shine.

  1. Plant perennial shrubs in front of your house

Once you plant perennial shrubs like Azaleas or Hydrangeas, they will give back year after year as they bloom and add color to the front of your house. Many are fairly inexpensive (around $40) and are easy to keep up. Be sure you consult with an expert at your local nursery for info on how to plant them with enough space, when to prune, and how to trim the perennials to prevent unwieldy growth.

  1. Make a garden bed around your mailbox

Plant some Creeping Jasmine or annual flowers next to your mailbox. Make a simple border to contain a little bit of mulch. This whole scape can be achieved for about $75 and can add color and personality to the end of your driveway.

  1. Haul out old mulch and refresh

Just because there’s mulch in the garden bed doesn’t mean that it looks good. Mulch can dry out, leaving your beds looking worse-for-wear. Revitalize your landscaping with a dark-colored mulch that will contrast with your shrubbery and flowers. You can buy bags of mulch at your local home improvement store for less than $10/bag. The amount of mulch you will need will depend on the size of your flowerbeds.

  1. Build a flower bed around a tree

If your front yard already has a tree, adding a flower bed will give it a lot of character. These beds should match (or at least align with) the beds at the front of your house. Add color in the form of annuals or perennials. All in all, this project will likely cost $100 to $300, depending on the border and plants that you buy, not as much as the money you spend on rivernilecasino.com.

  1. Improve your grass

A drab lawn can immediately take away from your house’s initial cuteness. By renting an aerator machine for around $100, you will greatly improve the penetration of nutrients for a fuller, healthier looking lawn. Even a simple reseeding with a $50–$70 bag of seeds will help fill in thin spots and prevent patches on your whole property.

  1. Plant a shade tree

With either bright spring blossoms or brilliant fall colors, a native hardwood tree planted in your front yard will bring years of beauty to your home’s exterior. While some rare varieties of trees are expensive and require care, most trees from your area are hardy, resilient, and affordable at your local nursery. Expect to pay around $100–$200 for a sizable tree, plus the cost of delivery.

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