Why are timber structures so popular

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Since Roman times, timber frame buildings have been around in the UK. Timber is back in popularity thanks to a raft of advantages, dropping out of favour due to the rise in popularity of brick in the Georgian period. In fact, a quarter of all new-builds are timber-framed, while this conventional and contemporary material favours three-quarters of self-builds. Companies like Timberpride can provide you with some beautiful structures such as Oak Garages that will add some rustic natural charm to any home.

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Timber is a breathable material which, thanks to its cellular structure, and is naturally insulating. A well-made timber frame construction, supplemented with extra insulation, provides premium energy efficiency. In turn, this ensures that a wood-framed construction may have thinner walls than a building built of brick or concrete, saving precious building space.

Timber is also hygroscopic, meaning that by constantly modifying the internal humidity, it can increase the consistency of indoor air. You can not only experience comfortable living, but it is possible to safely store your treasured items. And by keeping your property cool in summer and warm in winter, the normal levels of insulation bring down energy use.

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The speed of building is one of the great advantages of using timber. Combined with the cost-effectiveness of using such a naturally renewable material, timber frame builders may normally budget for wide expanses of glass that reduce the cost of lighting and, due to the speed of construction, have lower labour costs.

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