Flat decoration ideas to rent on holiday

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Flat decoration ideas to rent are very different from furnishing a house on the property. It has to be the equivalent of a hotel room, using furniture and decoration items that resist the tenants’ wear. By buying the appropriate products you will give the maximum benefit to the money invested.

When you make the decision to rent your apartment, you must start thinking about it as a business. Each decision should focus on what will be meaningful for your guests’ stay and have them return. You have to provide them with a place they want to return to or recommend their family and friends. Think if you would be willing to go with your family to that place, paying.

Flat decoration ideas to rent on holiday

Flat decoration ideas

  • Tourists want a colorful interior, which makes them feel like they are much further from home than they really are. Also, if it coincides that the week they are in the house it rains and they have to be inside, the decoration has to make them feel happy inside. Accessories and paint can really change the look; do not be afraid to put a little color. A picture or a mirror on the wall can often replace several small things.
  • It uses quality paint, lasts longer and will not notice so much chafing or other signs of wear.
  • Customers prefer worry-free surfaces, easy to clean. So, for example, avoid glass tables where traces are easily left.
  • Do not wait until the upholstered furniture is visibly dirty to clean. Make sure you have a professional cleaning at least once a year, after the holiday season. There is nothing worse than entering a place with a stained carpet, for example.
  • Select furniture that is not too big, as it makes it difficult for customers to move. The choice of the correct proportions achieves a better visual balance. No need to be new furniture, while in good condition or can be fixed with a coat of paint. A new upholstery, bedspreads and curtains are the best flat decoration ideas to give a new life of a flat to rent on vacation.
  • Use curtains of a unique color. It is much easier to match decorative furniture or accessories. In addition, patterns also tend to become obsolete quickly.
  • On the contrary, avoid bedspreads of unique colors. Use a design with a lot of colors and a pattern that ages gracefully, so you will avoid spotting. It is better that they do not reach the ground, to avoid getting dirty easily.
  • Use chairs that are easy to restore. The dining chairs with removable and restorable seats work very well. As the fabric wears out you can simply put it on again and have it match the rest of the flat decoration, if it has changed. Prevent the chair from being completely made of fabric, as it will be more prone to show dirt.
  • Try to have a sofa bed, so you can accommodate more people in the apartment. Always with a tapestry that hides the stains of inevitable accidents.
  • When developing flat decoration ideas, make sure you have enough capacity for the number of people who will be staying. You can have additional stools tucked into a corner of the dining room or a chair with wheels that can be moved to the main room.
  • You have to put yourself in the skin of the tenant, although it is impossible to please everyone, the most important thing is to provide guests with a cozy, clean and pleasant place to spend their vacations.
  • Show the best pictures of the floor when you announce it, so it will be quick and easy for people to like it and rent it out for you. Take pictures of brightly lit rooms and climb into a chair, paying attention to the most attractive focal point. Pay special attention to the mirrors, as they can show both the camera’s flash and your reflection. Here you have some cool flat decoration ideas to take pictures of interiors of flats.
  • Present to your clients some of the best activities to do in the place where the floor is. Compile a folder with restaurants, brochures of tourist attractions or places of interest. Guests often look for suggestions on other pleasant places to explore during their stay.

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