Green Homes And Insulation

To go green, you have to make sure your home is well insulated. One of the first steps you should take when going green is to improve your home’s insulation, whether you are going to invest in solar panels, solar water heating, heat pumps, or any other green source of energy for your home. To go green, you need to start using natural resources that are not wasting energy. If you skip this step, you will end up spending more money on electricity. Poorly insulated homes require more power to heat and cool throughout the year. Read more about Green Homes And Insulation

Protecting an open plan home from fire risks

People like the convenience and sense of space offered by open-plan properties. However, it does present problems about fire protection; it may mean needing to have a boxed-in staircase in certain properties, for example, in order to provide a safe means of escape. These are safety risks that need to be taken into consideration for […]

What types of wood are used for furniture?

We have used wood to make furniture for centuries and it remains one of the most popular materials across the world. Each type of wood brings its own qualities and characteristics to your piece; therefore, it pays to think about what you need and what you are looking for from your furniture.  Do you want it to be a feature in your home or do you want it to be a work office desk in the main reception area.  If it is destined for the reception area then why not get some Reception Chairs at the same time from sites like to finish your area off nicely. Read more about What types of wood are used for furniture?

Brick slips vs Bricks

You will no doubt agree that brick is the material most used for external walls in most of the buildings across the nation. However, there is a type of cladding gaining in both popularity and availability – brick cladding. Designers looking to build the future now have an important decision to make about whether to finish with a layer of traditional brick or brick slip panels. Read more about Brick slips vs Bricks

Tips on choosing and buying dressmaking fabric

One of the benefits of making your own clothes is the fact that you can make something and know that nobody else will have anything that is exactly the same. However, if you are new to making your own clothes then you may not have any idea how to source the best fabric for the garment you want to make. Here we look at how to choose fabric for dressmaking and where to buy it from. Read more about Tips on choosing and buying dressmaking fabric