Don’t ignore the care of your drains

Your drains are one of the most important elements of your house. You might think that the roof is important or that the walls are essential and whilst they are they are relatively easy to fix. However the drains not working properly can give you a world of pain and unpleasant smells if they are […]

Why we still love to choose carpets

Despite a rise in the choice of hardwood flooring Britons still enjoy a good bit of carpet.  it remains the most popular choice with them when it comes to kitting out a room such as the lounge or living room.  Getting the carpet right is one of the most tricky and difficult decisions that homeowners […]

A new way to make the home efficient.

Ensuring that our homes are more energy efficient is an extremely important way of combating climate change and reducing carbon emissions.  Over the past 50 years or so there has been huge strides in making a home better insulated.  Some examples of this are cavity wall insulation and the use of double glazing.  There have […]

Why are timber structures so popular

Since Roman times, timber frame buildings have been around in the UK. Timber is back in popularity thanks to a raft of advantages, dropping out of favour due to the rise in popularity of brick in the Georgian period. In fact, a quarter of all new-builds are timber-framed, while this conventional and contemporary material favours […]

What searches might be needed on a property you are purchasing

Part of the process includes searching for land, which would disclose a great deal about the property you are trying to purchase before exchanging contracts. They can recognise any concerns, such as current legal conflicts, restrictions on zoning, irrigation, access, and any problems affecting the land, such as subsidies caused by mining, flooding hazards, and […]